Stephen Davenport

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Davenport is currently writing a sequel to Saving Miss Oliver’s and working on a series of stories tracing the life of legendary teacher Francis Plummer, (see “The Last Visit,” in the November issue of Amarillo Bay The series also features students and former heads of Miss Oliver’s School For Girls.  (see February 2014, "Motorcycle Sunday

Writers always write what they care about most, and Stephen Davenport is no exception. He has spent his whole life working in schools. His decision to set Saving Miss Oliver’s, a novel about a crisis in school leadership in a school for girls was purely instinctive. Miss Oliver’s School for Girls isn’t just another excellent New England boarding school. It’s a school with a special mission that must be preserved: the education of girls in the way girls learn, a legitimate feminist cause, a leveling of the playing field.

Realistic Fiction

Some are called to work in schools. Some are called to write.

Davenport is called to both.”  – Annie Dillard